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Financial Asset & Cryptocurrency Recovery Agency

Asset Recovery Experts

What do we do?

We oversee the entire process, beginning with investigating and tracking fraudulent activities, and extending through complex legal recovery procedures and enforcement.


Our team comprises cyber intelligence specialists, recovery agents, forensic accountants, and expert lawyers, all collaborating with our advanced technology in a unified setting. If you hold Financial Asset Insurance with us, your legal expenses, up to $250,000, are covered, and you retain all successfully recovered assets.


If you are uninsured, we may still be able to assist you, provided you can finance the recovery process or have access to after-the-event (ATE) and adverse costs insurance. Whether it involves insuring crypto investments in advance or recovering assets in emergencies, we are committed to safeguarding your crypto investments.

Initial investigations

Upon receiving your instructions, we will promptly begin locating stolen assets, assessing fraud, and determining recoverability. We offer a fixed fee for initial work, with no obligation to continue if you are uninsured.

Legal proceedings

At this point, we will initiate legal action against the individuals committing fraud, even if their identities are not known. If the fraudsters do not respond, a judgment in your favor is typically granted, as this is a routine procedural process.


If both parties agree to proceed with the case, a damages-based agreement (DBA) will be entered into with a 20% recovery basis, which is below market standard. Disclosures and freezing injunctions will then be sought against the exchanges involved in the transactions to assist in locating and safeguarding the stolen crypto assets.


After successfully locating the funds, identifying fraud, freezing the assets, and obtaining a judgment, we are able to proceed with enforcing the judgment to recover the frozen assets, typically from a digital wallet in these cases. If uncontested, this process typically spans a duration of two to three months from initiation to completion.

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